Toadman Interactive acquires publisher Sold Out

18 Jun

Toadman Interactive acquires publisher Sold Out

The Stockholm-based game company Toadman Interactive has acquired the UK based game publisher Sold Out Sales & Marketing, a move that aims to bolster Toadman’s own distribution and publishing chops.

“This deal moves forward Toadman’s strategy of adding distribution and publishing expertise to our group and will help us make the best decisions for all of our games and for our partners, which will drive collective growth,” said Toadman CEO Robin Flodin in a statement.

Toadman as a whole has made several acquisitions during this last year. The group consists of developer Antimatter, the platform Tangentix, and the marketing firm Petrol, in additional to the development studio Toadman Interactive itself.

All three of those subsidiaries were scooped up this year: Antimatter was acquired in June for around $169,800, Petro that same month for at least $18 million, and Tangentix for around $64,000 this October.