Original business gifts: how to choose

25 Aug

Original business gifts: how to choose

Banal and standard solutions are unlikely to surprise anyone, and certainly will not be remembered by the recipients for a long time. In this case, creative corporate gifts, which can be ordered at one of the online stores that specialize in the creation of original and unusual gifts, come to your aid. And in order not to make a wrong choice, we offer you to read a little instruction that will help you to order really cool original corporate gifts. 

  • Before you look for presents, try to determine the recipients’ wishes. To do this, you can conduct a small anonymous survey among the employees to find out about their desires and determine the general options of gifts that the recipients would like to get. You can find a wide range of gifts on the website of Giftcards market.
  • Carefully check the stores where you are going to order presents. You can do this through website activity, comments and customer reviews. Also, you can ask your friends and acquaintances, who have already bought unusual corporate gifts.
  • Ask the consultant whether the presents you need are available, whether they can produce the proposed options and how long will be their production. 
  • Talk to the store consultant. He may be able to suggest some good solutions that will suit your taste. 
  • Decide in advance how the gifts will be presented. You can arrange delivery directly to the office or to the addresses of employees.

Exclusive corporate gifts and vip gifts

There are situations when standard solutions do not work. This is a presentation for the leaders and owners of companies, vip-clients and major business partners, which certainly can not be ignored. Elite corporate gifts are meant to indicate the importance of the recipient, to emphasize his status and the importance of the relationship with him for the company. VIP corporate gifts have a special meaning as they are given to people of high social status, so the choice must be very careful to avoid any errors. The gift should be businesslike, accentuate the best sides and qualities of the person to whom it is intended. At the same time do not forget about the originality and elegant appearance. To such category of gifts can be attributed the following options:

  1. Paintings and sculptures, popular creators or made to order.
  2. Souvenir weapons, made with personal engraving or company attributes.
  3. Expensive handmade hardcover books.
  4. Branded statuettes and other accessories, made in limited edition.
  5. Luxury alcoholic beverage sets with drinkware, rare brews of tea and coffee.
  6. Valuable decorative objects, interior and comfort: a leather chair, a decorative fountain, a rare plant.
  7. Mini-bars to store collectible drinks.
  8. Exclusive smartphones and other gadgets available only by pre-order or in a limited version.

If you want to make a nice surprise but aren’t ready to spend a lot of money, you can find a great solution at. A sweet surprise will be a great solution.