Instagram 2021: what content is relevant?

18 Mar

Instagram 2021: what content is relevant?

If you want to get busy developing your account in 2021, you should be aware of the most current trends. If your account is not very popular, it makes sense to buy instagram followers and start using the tips that we will describe to you below.

Focus on values and lifestyle

Traditional sales will lose even more ground in 2020. People no longer want to buy a product just because it is beautiful, convenient or tasty. The market is full of such offers, and they are no longer surprising.

  • More and more often it’s not functionality that’s at the forefront, but the idea. The young audience of Instagram is interested in products and services that reflect their values and attitude toward life. Against this trend, even sales of practical Chinese cars are falling. What’s the point of having them when you have car sharing? Less damage to the environment, no worries about insurance, no need to waste your time on repairs and immersing yourself in a topic you are not interested in. What’s more, such services are implemented via smartphones, which is technological and convenient.
  • How do you sell an idea rather than a function? Think about what problem your product solves in a global sense. You need a compact power bank not to charge your smartphone, but to always stay in touch with your loved ones and have access to information. If your product is related to the environment, even better. It could be saving natural resources or “green” production. The eco-trend continues to gain momentum.
  • Share your values. Talk about your attitude towards the product: what you think is important and useful. How you and your team see the product or service. This will be much more effective and interesting than the tired “best price, fastest delivery.”


Video content continues to grow and has already topped all engagement metrics in 2019. In 2021, this trend isn’t going anywhere and will continue to gain momentum. So what is there to film? There is virtually no framework. The main thing here is to show real life and tell a story in a video format. You don’t need professional filming – a smartphone camera is enough. For example, you can film:

  • The inner kitchen. Show your employees, say a few words about the work process. Share your plans for the near future, make an interesting announcement.
  • Backstage Report. Show live how a new product is created or planned. If you’re in retail, show the process of packing orders.
  • A simple video in stories. Instead of posting to the feed, record a short video – show the product, answer popular questions about it. Show a collection of available models and colors.

If you want to make relevant content, make a video. Leave the traditional boring posts to the history museum. Quality content will help you get 10,000 instagram followers or even more.


Today’s Instagram users have become less likely to post to a feed and more and more likely to do stories. The feed has turned into a kind of “archive of photos,” where only the brightest and most significant moments are uploaded. Real life is shown in stories. The fleeting nature of Stories gives this format a unique value. There you can show bad takes of your video conversations, where you get confused with the text and confuse the words, because imperfection only emphasizes your humanity. And this brings you closer to ordinary users. Naturalness and sincerity – the most promising trends in social networks today and in the near future. 

What to publish in stories? Any moments from your work and life:

  • Funny missteps. Share your own mistakes.
  • Interesting thoughts. You probably notice something from time to time and tell your friends about it, don’t you? Do the same, but tell your followers in your stories. It doesn’t have to be directly related to your work activities.
  • Workflows. Packing, assembling, dialogues with coworkers.
  • Experiment, keep your camera handy more often.