Aggressive play with the AWP in CS:GO

2 Apr

Aggressive play with the AWP in CS:GO

In this article, we want to tell you a little bit about the style of playing with the AWP, or rather how to play aggressively. This is what we are going to learn today. Also, let’s look a little bit about the positive and negative qualities of this game. It’s worth reminding you that there are two types of playing with the AWP, this is a defensive game, well, as you have already understood, the second style is aggression.

The defensive game with AWP comes down to one goal – to take a good position to shoot your enemies. And here the aggressive game is an active sniper action. It is also worth noting that in this style of play we need a really good reaction and the ability to make good decisions. If you want to diversify the position of sniper, we recommend you look at the site

Aggressive Play

As previously stated, aggressive play relies on excellent reaction and the ability to make good decisions in difficult cases. Aggressive play is more suitable for players who play as terrorists, because aggression implies active actions, i.e. the ability to open a round by making an incoming flag. Such snipers should not aim long and be confused, they should be able to solve the most difficult problems that came their way.  Most often, these snipers themselves create a game moment for themselves using their reflexes.

The sniper is on the move and never holds the sight on one point. On the contrary, he shows the aggressive nature of the enemy positions. As a disadvantage in this game is the fact that the sniper often tends to get closer to the enemy. Thus bumps himself on the additional danger from which it is very difficult to get out. But if you act correctly and accurately and not enter into the excitement, this tactic may be the best way for you to play. But this type of game also has positive aspects. Snipers who choose aggressive type of game can be used to gather information and take a position unexpectedly for the enemy and it puts your enemy in an even more difficult situation.

A combination of aggressive and defensive game

This combination is very common in the last rounds of the game, when you want to strengthen all the rear and lead your team to victory. For this style of play you need two snipers, one of which buys his AWP and the other SCAR-20. Thus, one sniper goes forward showing aggressive play and takes advantage of the positions, and the other acts on the defensive and cover all the rear. But for this game it would be desirable to have a really great snipers on the team. Snipers who can make quick and accurate decisions.

Let us now consider whether or not to play in this style. First, you can understand that for such a game you need a really cold-blooded sniper who can do absolutely everything to win his team. But also let us not forget that such snipers are most vulnerable and need to act quickly so as not to become a target for the enemy.  And of course the most important thing for a sniper is reaction. If you play in this position and want to have access to the best skins, use