Myths about slot machines

21 Mar

Myths about slot machines

Slot machines have gained a lot of popularity since their emergence. Higher than any other gambling game and, of course, along with the attention came various stories, tips on how to win at slot machines, when it is better to play, etc. Some of them represent the echoes of some superstitions, and some of them are their own opinions, which have no basis and the true facts completely refute them. If you are looking for free slots, you can find them here Let’s take a look at the main myths about slots.

There is more money in the new machines than in the old ones

Sounds very plausible especially when it comes to the release of a new slot. Some players believe that this is a clever way to attract more visitors. That it is disclosed only secretly and is a secret to professional gamblers. There is a perception that in the first months after the release of the machine, it specifically gives more money, thus attracting more players. After the deadline has passed, the machine begins to take the money.

This is not possible, nor is it possible to change the payout percentage. The world of the gaming industry has its own strict laws, which simply do not allow any extra movement. Special inspections are conducted quite often so that such illegal activities can be detected. Slots are unpredictable games of luck. Everything is based on a random number generator, working on a special encrypted algorithm.

Beginners win more

It is implied that the newcomer adjusts the machine specifically to give more money or give large jackpots in the demo modes. It is also said that beginners are given more progressive jackpots – they win them with enviable frequency. But the fact that none of this is true doesn’t stop a lot of players from registering many accounts, trying to snatch the jackpot. 

Such actions lead to an elementary blocking of the account, and even worse – the ip address, as a result of which you will not be able to enter the site of the institution, and it happens that even the whole country gets on the ban list. Payout percentage is an invariable parameter. The sooner you realize this, the calmer you will treat the game. Your only companion to the coveted winnings is luck.

There are hot and cold slots

This is a popular myth dating back to the days when there were no online casinos and gambling was only an offline business. Some players, noticing that in the slot was lost an impressive amount of money, that is, a long series of bets did not bring a significant result, began to consider the slot “cold”. Some will not sit down to play it. Others, on the contrary, having learned about such a situation, will quickly take a place after the loser, believing that the game is about to start giving back some money invested. There are also players who write down the fallen combinations, trying to find some kind of pattern. We hate to upset them, but it is a waste of time.

Each subsequent spin of the slot has nothing to do with the previous one.  It gives the RNG, tied to a mathematical algorithm that takes into account the benefits of a few percent for the gambling establishment, but in the very long term. That is, the slot, which gave out a big win can easily do it again, and even again, even though the probability of such a sequence of big wins is really very small, but it exists. 

To say about a slot machine that it is “cold” or “hot” is possible only in the past tense, having analyzed a certain held period of play and adding the verb “was”. Except that it doesn’t mean anything for the bet that will be made and its result. Much more important to choose a reliable online casino, which you can do at