Toadman Interactive acquires publisher Sold Out

18 Jun
18 Jun
14 Jun

See how Control’s Ashtray Maze was made at the GDC 2020 Summits!

Hey there game makers! The end of the year is nearly here, but GDC 2020 organizers are still working hard to line up a fantastic array of things to see and do at this premier game industry conference.This week the GDC 2020 Session Scheduler has been updated with a smorgasbord of sessions planned for the GDC 2020 Summits, those curated deep dives into specific pre-determined topics which all take place the Monday and Tuesday of GDC week.

12 Jun
10 Jun
8 Jun
6 Jun

How we combined film and comics to create the noir aesthetic of Interrogation

Before I started being professionally concerned with aesthetics, I remember always having a very reductionist way of thinking about different art-styles, especially video-game art, where you don't have "currents" like you do in painting. I categorized everything as either AAA photo-realism (Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty etc.) , cute 3D (most Nintendo games) , pixel-art, cute 2D and Minecraft. However, by the time we actually started working on Interrogation I thought that my reductionist art critic days were behind me. I was so wrong.

4 Jun
26 Jun