Greetings, my name is Ross, and I’m a 10-year veteran in the fields of game designing, flash-development, and tech consulting. Also I’m doing some proxy settings as well. Through life I had been working as an artist, designer, developer, team leader, and solutions analyst.

Mine mail philosophy though the life was “Use every opportunity to stretch the horizons of what you are capable. Don’t just complete a project: seize it, make it your own, and push the industry forward with everything you do.”

Also I was one of the guys responsible for optimizing Adob Air for the mobile devices. Writing technical articles on the topics I master all my life, and which I know and love, is also one of my giving backs for the community. As I cover a large number of skills, my articles cover long range of topics from game animation to a artificial intelligence.

Here is come parts of my works that you might be found interesting:

Hero-Mages – fantasy game, turn-based, totally build out of Flash, combining card gaming, and actual tactics on the battlefield. Something looks like a WoT (my recomendation, but more in the brozer area. Another good part of this game piece – supporting of the cross platform multiplayer, as well as browsers and mobile devices on Android and Ios

Aura – one hack of a powerful library for the ActionScript 3.0, the one making coding a little easy by handling resource management and animations of the user interface.

Flash Blogis – actual site, about some stuff like code, and industry insights related to Flash development and indie games.

As I’m a game designer, I always like to share stuff I created with the community so you could see all that on the resources provided. As well as the coding (view more done and tools for creating interactive learning content.