DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps popularity continues to grow. A lot of giant IT companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and others have already included DevOps methodology into their workflows and have excellent results. Methodologies like DevOps and Agile have become popular when software development required more frequent releases. Thus, from trends, DevOps becomes a necessary step for increasing competitiveness. DevOps Consulting Services can be provided by the company itself or by the third-party provider. 

What can you receive with DevOps?

Each product owner wants to improve the product and the business as a whole. DevOps can give you the next advantages:

  1. Faster Building. You need to react to market changes, so the faster you can do it, the more competitive is your company. DevOps lifecycle includes Continuous Delivery of software, which means the uninterrupted process of development, testing, and deployment. All these processes are fully automated.
  2. Cutting Costs. DevOps methodology implements automation into project creation, which accelerates development and allows to respond to customer’s requests quickly. As a result, you do not waste time on extra tasks.
  3. Quality Improvement. Automated processes, like tests and deployment will highly increase the quality of your product on each stage.

Who is a DevOps specialist and what does he do?

DevOps engineer is a multi-facet specialist who works at the junction of operations and development. His responsibilities as follows:

  • automating processes;
  • detecting problems and correcting them;
  • preparing and standardizing development environments
  • supporting the work of developers, system administrators, and QA specialists;
  • deploying the code from development to production.

DevOps service providers implement for your company the principle of Continuous Improvement. It includes integration, development, testing, deployment, and management. On each stage, DevOps implements automation to all processes in software development, so you’ll have a flexible and reliable system.

What’s the difference between DevOps Consulting Services and DevOps Service Providers?

DevOps Consulting Services help you to choose a model of implementation and discuss with you all the details of future changes. Consulting Services help you only with the theoretical part of DevOps Service Architecture and don’t lead you to the practical part. DevOps Service Provider make a theoretical plan of implementation and discuss it with you. After that DevOps operations team provide a methodology to your company and improve all project services.

Wrapup: how to implement DevOps methodology?

If you want to become a DevOps software company you should find a reliable DevOps Consulting company or a DevOps Service Provider. The second is more preferable because you’ll get not only a theoretical plan but also a full implementation process. DevOps Service Provider is more interested in the qualitative plan because they will provide it in your system. To choose a good provider, pay attention to reviews from previous customers and the ratings on different resources. A reliable provider will answer all your questions and get you the best solution for your company.